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"The legend says that those who are supposed to meet

are connected by an invisible red thread….

we are often headed towards one another

without even knowing it…."

Shiloh Sophia McCloud




Right at this moment,

my piece of the red thread
I bring beauty into this world,
to hold a space where souls are safe
to see, even if it is just for a glimpse in time,

how beautiful you are, and
the beauty you usher into the world.

I create sacred space,
a place to kindle your Flame
and together we each birth our own beauty

into the world along the Red Thread,

bare feet lovingly hugging Earth or
balanced like tightrope walkers in
pink ballet slippers holding pretty lace umbrellas or

protected in heavy boots climbing mountains.

The web of love, compassion, and joy
weaves around us...connecting all
above and below, to our right and left,
in front and behind,

for we are never really alone

on this Red Thread

from ancient past
to eternity.

I am a Red Thread Guide certified by the Intentional Creativity Foundation, a place where creativity is at cause. It is a place to transmute all that we have experienced and transform it into who we are meant to be. 

The Red Thread is a ceremony to invite this change to begin. A circle is called and we realize we have always been connected, destined to meet. And here we find ourselves, truly the beloveds we have always been.

The Red Thread is a celebration. We celebrate all paths in life. Brith. Passing through the veil. Job loss and job found. Marriages and separations.


The Red Thread is a ceremony to honor all in your  life.

Along with Red Thread ceremonies, I offer artistic explorations in creativity to grow our awareness of our beauty within. I am currently a Color of Woman artist-in-training with the Intentional Creativity Foundation.



My poetry is featured in Tanya Runyon's How to Write A Poem. Two of her poems will also appear in Casual, an e-book for National Poetry Month 2016, published by TS Poetry Press.


In Unfolding, An Advent Meditation, a book of poems and prayers commissioned by A Chruch of the Holy Family, ECC, "her offering is the rhythm we all may be seeking. Instead of clamor, there is quiet. We will not faint under the pressure to get things checked off a list, but instead simplicity is called upon with bible, candle, silence, and reflection."




Do you ever wonder what happened between the lines of the New Testament during the life of Jesus and his disciples? What was in the minds of the women? What was their motivation to follow Jesus and how did their journey change them?


In Women of the New Testament series, I explore those time through the women who lived them.




My writing is published along side of other noted playwrights such as Christopher Durang and Moises Kaufman, in several additions of Audition Monologues for Young Women, complied by Gerald Lee Ratliff.  I am a Fellow of the Denver Writing Project and a graduate of the Colorado Writing Project.

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